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We have four pro-bono consulting teams working this semester on various projects for the following Gainesville organizations.

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MedCompli provides easy to use software with fully customizable services at an affordable price. They help pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech companies monitor transactions and mitigate risk associated with healthcare professional (HCP) interactions.

BYPPO aspires to make an all-inclusive platform for discovering new local eats. They partner with the best local restaurants in town to provide our users with a seamless food ordering experience. Their team members are all food enthusiasts hoping to help small, qualified restaurants grow and hungry users happy.

iOncologi, Inc. is a biotechnology company specializing in immuno-oncology. Launched as a 'spin-out' cancer immunotherapy firm from UF, the founders have developed a novel stem cell therapy that overcomes resistance to immune checkpoint inhibitors in multiple cancers.

Grace Grows is a non-profit that collaborates with GRACE Marketplace to support their mission to end homelessness in our community. They empower individuals who are experiencing homelessness or food insecurity through horticulture.



Abigail Perret-Gentil, Founder of GRACE Grows

The Undergraduate Consulting Club performed an enormous service for Grace Grows by helping to address systemic challenges for our organization.  This cadre of exceptional students truly listened to our needs and approached the work with the utmost professionalism. Working with them was especially helpful to our organization because, as a young organization, it is hard to have the bandwidth to address some of those strategic priorities while also trying to stay operational: with their help we could do both.

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